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I came to college seeking something bigger, something more to God. I was dealing with a lot of pain from some previous traumatic family experiences and had no idea how to deal with the pain. I knew I needed God, but I didn’t know how or what or why.

I began attending a bible study and Campus Crusade for Christ. I was checking out bible believing churches and experiencing that for the first time in my life. My new best friend was a solid Christian and was not going to let my new college views get in the way of her walk with the Lord and her beliefs. She was the biggest blessing and was evidence of Jesus being real. I heard the gospel at Campus Crusade’s weekly meeting and first heard about a relationship with Jesus. That night I let Jesus pay for my sins and asked him to be Lord of my life.

God , over the years, did radical things to turn my life upside down. He also began developing my heart for the poor and the kids in the inner city.  I spent eight weeks in Milwaukee on a mission project and was convinced that I had to go back. So I am.

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God has provided multiple experiences along the way, but the one that made the biggest difference was last summer when I was in Milwaukee for an 8 week summer project. We were going to attend a church called St. Ben’s, which feeds 375 homeless people a night. I was under the assumption that we would be serving the food, but what actually happened was that we were going to eat with them. So I got in line, which filtered outside the church out onto the sidewalk. To make a long story short(er), I began to wrestle with God and some strong emotions of pride, guilt, judgment, and shame. The Lord used this experience to spark some lessons and teach me truth during the next few weeks. I was initially frustrated with the overwhelming need of people just in Milwaukee. Their physical needs and their spiritual needs.  I began to think that there was too much of a need in our world, and not enough people or resources.   I started asking God what could I possibly do for the poor, you command us to be openhanded, compassionate, and giving, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Especially since I remember studying in Deuteronomy 15 and reading that God said the poor we will have with us always. And when I asked God why bother, he gently answered, ” because I still care.” That was enough for me.

36 Million people living below the poverty threshold

                                Milwaukee is said to be the most segregated city in the US. ~ L.A. Times

 41% of homeless are families with children


      Jesus said in Matthew 25:36, ” What you do for the least of these you have do for me.”

Isaiah 58 says that true fasting that is acceptable to the Lord, not for glorifying myself, but rather for God’s glory is to

Loose the chains of  injustice and untie the cords of the yoke,

Set the oppressed free and break every yoke

Share your food with the hungry

Provide the poor wanderer with shelter

God has done all these things for me and I am excited to be a part of what He is already doing in Milwaukee!

Shawana attended our VBS at the after school program that is run through Here’s Life. The first week she was not engaged and didn’t participate at all. I had given up on her after the first week. By the end of the second week I shared the gospel and invited anyone to stay after to ask questions. Shawana was the only one to stay after. Despite giving up on her, the Lord was still working and softening her heart. Shawana prayed to receieve Christ that day. But what is also neat about the after school program is that Shawana can continue to attend a Christ centered program that seeks to meet all of her needs including physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  



Three ways we work to change lives in Milwaukee:


        HLIC helps partner churches meet crisis needs of the poor and introduce them to Christ.

                       –  One way we do this is by providing resources for “Boxes of Love”. We pack boxes of food with a bible and give them to the churches to share with their communities. This sets the foundation for long-term relationships in needy communities.


       HLIC discovers the needs of our partner ministries and seeks the resources to meet those needs.

                       – We bring in college students for a summer long mission trip. College students participate in a variety of activities ranging from leading Vacation Bible School for churches, service projects at a Women’s Shelter, Volunteering at food outreaches.


This is our team from the Summer of 2006.


We folded linens for the Women’s Shelter, lots of linens. 🙂


     HLIC provides partner ministries with long-term developmental programs.

                 – We have an after school program called S.A.Y. Yes!.  This program is explained more above.

This is where my emphasis will be during my internship.




 Hey. It’s been a while. Snow storm galore! This webpage seems kind of silly now with facebook. But what the hey! Student teaching now. No school today because of massive snow storm destroying the La Crosse area. But I think we still could have had school, not complainging though!


snow ball fight


broken sled 😦


cool pic aye? well it really wasn’t that deep, she is tricking you.


I felt 10 again!


meet suzie



Once upon a time, there was this land called Linenland. The whole land was filled with all types of linens. There were sheets and towels and blankets and random stuff. But the great thing was that there was never a linen the same as another linen, no they were all created uniquely by sizes and colors and purposes. The Creator loved the linens all so much that he wanted them to all know that they were special and loved by Him.  The Creator would hang out with the linens and talk with them, they were in perfect fellowship.  But the linens were very bad you know, they didn’t stay in line with what the Creator asked them to do. All they had to do was stay on the shelf nicely folded.  But one curious towel wanted to now what was beyond the shelves, what the Creator told him not to experience. But just one time, one curious mistake ruined it for all.  Linenland would never be the same, never. In fact, because of this the linens couldn’t talk with their creator and couldn’t know who their Creator. After the fall, the land would forever be messy and have mess. Because of their mess, the linens would have to suffer greatly by spending the eternity as wrinkled linens….(gasp)! There would be volunteers that would come in and try to guide the linens back to their perfect state, but it was just too impossible of a task. Finally, the Creator was so tired of seeing His linens fail, He sent someone special to take care of the mess.  This was the Creators Son, and His son was going to take the blame for the messiness once and for all. The Son did not want the linens to spend eternity wrinkled.  No not at all. So the linens who didn’t understand that the Son was there to save them and keep them from being wrinkled decided they wanted to destroy this guy. And they did. But the Son knew the significance of his life. The Son was perfect and could never be messy so when He was “let go” He took the punishment of eternal wrinkeldness for all linens in Linenland. Now the linens could know their Creator again as long as they received the gift that His perfect Son had given them and believed in His Son. It was such an amazing gift that noone deserved, but the Creator loved the linens so much and showed massive grace. The End.


Hehe, that picture in Linenland! That is where I spent all last week, trying to clean those messy linens up, but there is no hope for them, except the hope of a Savior!



Who is that weird one?

Miss Audra and me… she’s pretty much gonna be a life long friend… I LOVE HER!!

Corinth Baptist Youth choir…PMA:)

We actually ate a freakin’ jumbo butterburger… All I have to say is…never again.

No teeth…ahhh!!

Ya der hey…yep she is from rice lake… funny girl!

Eating contestants….ugh I am so angry at tara for making me eat peanut butter and cheddar cheese.



80’s thrift store bowling…what a blast!


Traditional Custard run on Tuesdays

This is staff and students

Miss Ericka and me

Dancing and singing for the Lord!!!

This smile brings me joy 🙂 Mr. Kean… a five year old who loves Jesus, he amazes me!!!

Celebrate Miss Shawana, our new sister in Christ!! This girl has a special place in my heart. Never have I seen a 12 yr old more sincere and serious about desiring a relationship with God. Praise God!! Pray for her and her grwoth in Jesus.


What’s going on?

Hey Kara, how are you?

      Oh just dandy! I am on Spring Break right now.

Well fantastic, what are your plans… Florida, Texas, home?

      Well none of those actually, I am staying in La Crosse and working at Culver’s

Ohhh, well that’s too bad.

      Not really, you know, it’s ok. Plus I will be able to go home for this last weekend.

Well where are you staying?

     I am staying at my brothers apt, it is actually quite lonely. I have noone one to talk to and all my friends are on vacation some place warm.

Well you can talk to me!

     I know! I am talking to you right now, in fact we are in constant conversation because YOU ARE ME! geeez

Oh is it really that bad that you are talking to yourself all the time.

    Well yes actually, some people might consider me to be “mentally ill”!

I am pretty sure they wouldn’t, I mean considering the situation and all.

     I just don’t know how people can live by themselves all the time.


     I sure hope that I will be married someday, or least have roommates that talk to me so I don’t have to talk to you all the time.


Yep that’s me dancing, take a good look, it doesn’t happen often. (Pic courtesy of Kielech and company  )

Psalm 30:11 You turned my wailing into dancing; removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.

Amen. Amen. Amen!

I am so grateful to know Jesus, my Savior. I am so grateful that he has brought me into His Kingdom. I am so grateful that Jesus gave His life for me.

When tragic things happen in your surroundings, you see things from a different perspective. My heart aches for those who are lost, who are hopeless, who are hurting beyond they capability to cope.  They need Jesus. Not only do tragic things open my eyes to all those who need to know the Lord, but they humble me before the Lord in thanksgiving and praise for His amazing Grace that allows me to saved from the dominion of darkness. 

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need.”   Hebrews 4:16

Well, this is my favorite photo in the whole world and I wanted to share it with you. This picture has so much significance to me. It was taken at my cottage, which is what I would want Heaven to be like. I can’t describe to you the beauty that God reveals to me at this place. I think this photo captures so much of His awesome creation. The water ripples as the toes dip into the still, cool lake. The reflection creates a mirror affect and holds on to the meaning of dangling your feet into the clear fresh water. As a child one of my favorite things to do was stick my tiny feet into the water and barely escape the nibblings of fish. Praise God for His works! Enjoy!

Finals Finals

Finally, it’s Finals.

Finally, the end is in sight.

Finally, one more final to dominate.

Finally, I spend every lasting second rote memorizing.

Finally, the month long break approaches.

Finally, three more semesters left.

Finally, no more Cason.

Finally, Christmas!

Finally, it’s Finals.