What’s going on?

Hey Kara, how are you?

      Oh just dandy! I am on Spring Break right now.

Well fantastic, what are your plans… Florida, Texas, home?

      Well none of those actually, I am staying in La Crosse and working at Culver’s

Ohhh, well that’s too bad.

      Not really, you know, it’s ok. Plus I will be able to go home for this last weekend.

Well where are you staying?

     I am staying at my brothers apt, it is actually quite lonely. I have noone one to talk to and all my friends are on vacation some place warm.

Well you can talk to me!

     I know! I am talking to you right now, in fact we are in constant conversation because YOU ARE ME! geeez

Oh is it really that bad that you are talking to yourself all the time.

    Well yes actually, some people might consider me to be “mentally ill”!

I am pretty sure they wouldn’t, I mean considering the situation and all.

     I just don’t know how people can live by themselves all the time.


     I sure hope that I will be married someday, or least have roommates that talk to me so I don’t have to talk to you all the time.


2 thoughts on “What’s going on?”

  1. Don’t worry Kara, you can talk to me  next year when we’re roommies.  Plus, don’t feel jealous, my spring break entails getting 8 cavities filled, an MRI on my knee, and an eye doctor appointment.  Nothing super cool like being down south.  Love ya girl!


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