How many people actually read this?

Hello Hello!

1 Kings 19                                                                                                 

So I have been missing something lately in my spiritual life. It has been interesting to say the least. I have been seeking the Lord. That is what He has been telling. So I seek Him, I have time for Him, I am looking. So what is wrong? NOTHING! (Well maybe some things) But God whispers. He isn’t always going to come in the powerful wind, or the shattering earthquake, or the burning fire. He may show up in every day, moment by moment whispers. Neat huh!? There is more to it for me than just listening to His whispers, but I thought this was revealing.

I like pastel colors.

10 things I have learned at Culvers:

1. High school students are cool ( they are the only ones that don’t make fun of me.. that I know of)

2. Want to be humbled? Be trained by 16 year olds when you are 21

3. It’s custard, not ice cream

4. Americans are in too much of a hurry

5. Eating their food all weekend can make you physically sick… or just feel rotten.

6. Cleaning bathrooms is actually fun and a relief.

7. Relying on the strength of the Lord is the only way to get through a shift (whether 2 hours or 9)

8. Pop nozzles are super hard to pull off.

9. Never assume someone is a Senior citizen, (even if you know they should take advantage of the assumtion in order to get 10% off) they get upset and realize they have gray hair, look 75, and are only three years away from 60.

10. A butterburger with cheese is just a CHEESEBURGER. Honestly people, you could make my life a lot easier.



Random stuff, I like to be random.

So yesterday my roommate and I had a giggle fest. I came back from class and she asked if I would like to go outside to play catch. Of course I could not turn that offer down on such a beautiful day. So I goofyingly (I made that word up) IM’ed her and told her I had to go potty. She wrote back “go go go go go go.”  Then I got up walked towards the door (my thoughts in my head were “hmm I need to change my pants in order to go outside) and I said that outloud. I have to change my pants. So her connections in her head were that I pee’d my pants. Oops.

I like lighting and thunder. I don’t like tornadoes.

I am frustrated, but not as much as yesterday.

God. Sometimes I am so confused. Sometimes I am floating. Thank you for the promise of never letting us being snatched out of your hands. Father. (John 10)I love you. I don’t deserve your love. Jesus. The Holy Spirit is like wind.

I have to go potty, again?

My Grandma loved Willy Nelson, I love him too. “On the road again, just can’t wait to get back on the road again.” My Grandma would always have him playing when I road with her in the Griff-mobile. She owned a sports car and once got pulled over like 4 times on her way down south.

She was cool.

Random, I like to be random.

Man I wrote this whole long thingy, and it failed to pull through for me so I must write again. Ok

This weekend was exhausting. I took some friends home and gave them a tour of the metropolitan city of  Montello. I know, I know that is a lot to do in one weekend but we managed. We got coffee and a sandwich at the tiny town shops and visited a old friend of mine. She is the sweetest lady I know, besides my Grandma of course. At 95 she is still a firecracker. I must be careful when visiting though, she always loads me up on chocolate!

You may be wondering what ” Taking a chance on Love”  means. Well, I am not sure either, but it sounds cool, aye? No, but really, I am taking a chance on the most wonderful Love ever. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the best chance I have ever taken ladies and gentlemen. However, this past week has been… blah. I have not had God as my priority. But I cannot figure what I have been replacing him with. The term I would like to use is floating. Ever feel like that. I haven’t been spending ANY time on homework, so that’s not it. Haven’t been watching TV. Haven’t spent a whole bunch time on this thing. But I think it is awesome how God can still teaching you things if you look for them ( which I definitely don’t do enough) SLOW DOWN was what He has been saying lately. Not to mention this thing I just started. The Lord is teaching me how to SEEK Him. Sounds easy aye. No! There is so much more to it. So I would be delighted if you joined me on my “Seek Series”. Did you know that we will find the Lord our God if we seek with all our heart and all our soul. Deuteronomy 4:29. How often do you seek Him with ALL your Heart and ALL your Soul, especially in our busy lives of just fifteen minutes of time spent at His feet. Not that that in those fifteen minutes you won’t find the God, but rather, in that fifteen minutes are you giving your all? Or with me it has been the pessimistic view that that isn’t enough time. Enough time? For our Mighty Father? SLOW DOWN Kara. I always want more time and intimacy with the Lord, but to judge His ability to work within 15 minutes is not seeking him with all my Heart and Soul. Do you get the idea? Well, I look forward to continuing this journey.

I am REALLY excited to go home this weekend. I have’nt seen the fam in while now. I am taking some international students home. It should be a blast… that is if they don’t all cancel on me   Pretty exciting aye Rachel Traxler! I think you are the only one that checks this out. HAHAHA

Hey dudes, this is new to me! Just getting the hang of it. Not like any of yous would find my life interesting anyway 🙂